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SCO Makes Its Pitch With OpenServer 6

The SCO Group on Wednesday is officially unveiling its much-anticipated OpenServer 6 software, which unifies the company's all-in-one, Web-based platform and Unix operating system.

Making its debut in a product launch at Yankee Stadium, OpenServer 6--code-named Project Legend--integrates the System V Release 5 Unix kernel of SCO UnixWare 7.0 with the Web-based OpenServer platform. The upgraded server allows ISVs and customers to develop Unix, Web and Java applications for Intel and AMD platforms on a single SCO code base, according to SCO.

Hewlett-Packard said it plans to offer a portfolio of SCO OpenServer 6 certifications for its ProLiant server platforms. The enhancements will increase speed and performance of applications on OpenServer, which allows customers to manage e-mail, collaboration, backup, mobile support and Internet access on low-cost commodity hardware, SCO said.

"The performance advantages of the Release 5 kernel will support the advanced features of various languages and database products," said David Westrheim, CEO of IntelliNet, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based SCO partner. "We anticipate a strong upgrade flow from our client base."

The upgrade offers up to two to four times the performance of the previous version and provides support for up to 32 processors, disk and network file sizes of up to 1 terabyte. It also brings increased memory support for 64-bit database applications and, through the inclusion of Unix System V release 5, multithreading support for C, C++ and Java applications through a POSIX interface. Major security enhancements include SSH support for secure remote login, an IP firewall filter for handling IP traffic and IPsec for secure virtual private networking.

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