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SCO Fires Off Lawsuit Against Novell

The SCO Group has sued Novell for what SCO alleges was Novell's "bad faith effort to interfere with SCO's rights with respect to UNIX and UnixWare."

The suit, filed in Utah State court in Salt Lake City, charges that Novell made false and misleading public claims that it, not SCO, owns Unix and Unixware copyrights, according to a statement released by SCO Tuesday afternoon.

The latest legal filings flew just as Linuxworld Expo is about to kick off in New York City -- and as Novell formally shows off the fruits of its acquisition of SUSE Linux to a few hundred partners here.

SCO has alleged in its multi-billion-dollar lawsuit against IBM, that IBM illegally made SCO code available for use in Linux, breaching its contracts with SCO. SCO has also said it will sue a large Linux customer over these issues.

In the latest legal action, SCO also charges that Novell has made "false statements" in an attempt to discourage customers and users from doing business with SCO.

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