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Scared Stupid

It's a nuisance to have to unlace our shoes and shuffle through the metal detector at the airport in our socks. But we endure this treatment, along with random security searches at museums and public events, because we've become accustomed to the mantra, "It keeps us safe."

Encouraged by the government's incessant reminder that we are in more danger now than ever before in the history of the world, technology vendors have figured out there's a juicy market in this homeland security business.

The result? Two reports out this week by Infonetics Research Inc. that show network security spending is soaring (see IDS Revenue Hit $382M in 2002, VPN/Firewall Market Still Growing, and Report: IDS Takes Flight).

Can we expect the same urge to buy in order to alleviate these fears in the storage networking market? Of course. Check out the number of companies that have popped up touting storage security wares over the past year, including Cavium Networks Inc., Cylink Corp., Decru Inc., Hifn Inc. (Nasdaq: HIFN), Kasten Chase Applied Research Ltd., NeoScale Systems, and Vormetric Inc.

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