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ScaleDB Shows Cluster Storage Engine

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- ScaleDB--the leader in shared-disk clustering for open source databases--launches the beta of its ScaleDB Cluster for MySQL. Shared-disk clustering is a high-performance, high-availability solution primarily used for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. Until now, shared-disk clustering was only available from a select few high-end commercial database companies for a very large premium over their standard offerings. Now ScaleDB makes this technology available to users of the open source MySQL database for pennies on the dollar compared to commercial database alternatives.

The shared-disk database architecture delivers high performance and scalability while minimizing database maintenance and optimization tasks. Additional advantages include:

Dynamic scalability: add/remove cluster nodes without interruption
Cluster-level load balancing: Any node in the cluster can handle any database request, providing unparalleled flexibility

High-availability: If one node fails, the others keep running without interruption

Data consistency: You don't split or duplicate your data, so your data is always consistent

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