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Sanrad Eyes Enterprise

Taking a different approach than traditional IP SAN vendors, Sanrad is aiming for the enterprise with a new high-end system that rivals storage routers.

Sanrad has launched the V-Switch 3800, the largest of its switches that connect Fibre Channel systems to attached storage through iSCSI. The iSCSI V-Switch 3800 is our new flagship V-Switch,” Sanrad CEO Uli Gal-Oz says.

Like Sanrad’s other switches, The V-Switch 3800 has Fibre Channel and iSCSI ports, but it has more of them to connect more storage. The V-Switch 3800 has eight Fibre Channel and three iSCSI ports. The existing midrange V-Switch 3000 has four Fibre Channel and two iSCSI, and the departmental V-Switch 2000 has two of each. Sanrad also offers software that handles remote replication, volume management, snapshots, redundant mirroring, and other management features. (See Sanrad Ships GDR Solution.)

The V-Switch 3800 is the latest take on Sanrad's unusual -- but not unique -- approach to IP SANs. (See IP SANs Struggle for Respect.) Other startups such as EqualLogic, Intransa, LeftHand Neworks, and Nimbus Data sell dedicated SANs based on iSCSI. Established storage vendors EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, and Network Appliance provide either an iSCSI connection to Fibre Channel SANs or a lower-end SAN based on iSCSI.

The advantage of Sanrad switches is that they allow users to pool storage across any array -- Fibre Channel, iSCSI, or Ethernet. In this regard, Sanrad’s approach is more like the mulitiprotocol routers from Brocade, Cisco, and McData at about half the price. The V-Switch 3800 will cost $39,000 when it becomes generally available next month. Notably, though, Sanrad doesn't offer as many iSCSI ports as the router products do.

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