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SANgate Tries Again

Even as startup SANgate Systems Inc. prepares to demonstrate a brand-new appliance at the Veritas Software Corp. (Nasdaq: VRTS) conference in Las Vegas next week, the company is still trying to convince customers to buy its first product, which has been shipping since last July.

Its new SANgate S2100 is an integrated disk backup and recovery system. Based on the company's Fibre Channel adapter technology, the appliance can scale both capacity and performance for configurations starting at 3.5 Tbytes and going up to 200 Tbytes, the company claims. In addition, SANgate says it has developed its own application software, which enables the appliance to emulate a variety of different tape libraries and tape formats, thus accommodating customers existing environments.

"The application actually thinks it’s talking to a tape library," says Paul Feresten, SANgate’s VP of marketing and business development. "When Veritas looks at us, they see cartridges." [Ed. note: A sign of true love in some early North American Indian cultures.]

Since the appliance looks like one -- or multiple -- tape libraries, customers won’t have to reconfigure their infrastructures or retrain their staffs, according to SANgate. Meanwhile, it claims that the appliance can offer five to seven times the performance of a traditional tape library, while simultaneously copying the data to tape for archival purposes.

Feresten says the appliance, which is expected to have a starting price around $60,000, helps customers dramatically reduce their backup windows, as well as their total cost of ownership. It also provides fast file recovery directly from disk, he says.

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