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Sanbolic Adds Distributed Snapshots

LAS VEGAS -- Sanbolic's Melio clustered file system now incorporates distributed snapshot capability for improved data protection in virtual data centers. Melio FS allows multiple physical or virtual servers to share access to data on SAN storage. The snapshot capability allows fully journaled snapshots to be created from any server in the storage cluster. The snapshot capability supports full industry standard APIs, and can be invoked by industry standard VSS backup clients.

The snapshot capability provides several unique features taking advantage of the capability of Melio clustered file system. Snapshot can be mounted on any machine in the storage cluster, independent of which machine created the snapshot. There is no limit to the number of snapshots, and there are no preparation or space reserve requirements. Differential snapshots are supported, significantly reducing storage use and I/O performance impact. The snapshot capability will be available in Q2.

Sanbolic provides a fully featured enterprise clustered file system for virtualization deployments. Melio FS provides essentially unlimited volume sizes, storage I/O reporting and per-VM quality of service management, and can support up to several hundred nodes in a storage cluster. In addition, Melio together with Sanbolic's LaScala volume manager can provide central management of SAN volumes for Windows virtual machines and simultaneous shared access to application data on the SAN from multiple VMs.

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