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Samsung Annouces 'EcoGreen' Drive

SEOUL -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, today announced its one terabyte EcoGreen F1 hard drive with low power features. Samsungs new eco-friendly drive can be adopted as an external hard drive as well as an internal drive for desktop PCs. It is also ideal for surveillance applications and for audio and video recording where low power and stability requirements are critical.

Samsung’s EcoGreen F1 hard drive provides a 15 percent power savings compared to other low-powered one terabyte capacity hard drives and a 50 percent power reduction against traditional one terabyte hard drives.

“Since 2003, Samsung’s hard disk drives have complied with the (RoHS) restriction of hazardous substances directive as well as the (TBBP-A) brominated flame retardant restriction,” said T.J. Lee, vice president of sales & marketing for Samsung Electronics’ Storage Division. ” The EcoGreen product line is designed to meet consumer demand for eco-friendly, high-performance devices with an optimized cost of ownership advantage.”

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.