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SafeNet Launches Full-Disk Encryption

BALTIMORE -- SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in information security, today announced the availability of ProtectDrive 8.2, the latest release of its full-disk encryption solution that protects organizations against potentially devastating data breaches, while meeting both corporate governance and industry-specific compliance.

Data and personal information breaches can be tremendously costly to organizations in terms of fines, lost revenue, irreparable damage to reputations, and can even put lives at risk. This combined with compliance mandate deadlines such as those under the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS)—September 30 and December 31—makes the protection of data, particularly data-at-rest, imperative.

“Both commercial and government organizations are experiencing the rising incidence of threats to sensitive information, through computer and laptop losses for example. Implementing suitable protection has been slow due in part to the complexity and high deployment costs of previous technologies,” said Andy Solterbeck, vice president of product management, commercial security division, SafeNet. “SafeNet ProtectDrive 8.2 is the ideal solution for full-disk encryption across the organization, providing independently validated [FIPS and Common Criteria] security at the lowest cost of ownership available in the industry today.”

SafeNet Inc. (Nasdaq: SFNT)