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Rollout: RedSeal's SRM

The Upshot

RedSeal's SRM uses Adaptive Risk Analysis, which lets the device infer the values of applications and other resources, and thus present a better picture of the entire network and its vulnerabilities.

Risk management requires knowledge of many different systems for tracking vulnerabilities and configuration data. Correlation of this data is difficult.

The RedSeal SRM provides a simple method of inferring application and system value, and does so quickly. The product does a great job of providing a visual representation of this data, as well as the vulnerability information.

RedSeal's SRM

While some products can show you vulnerabilities on individual machines, RedSeal's Security Risk Manager (SRM) 3000 not only shows threats to your systems, it also tells you how those threats can traverse your network and how much havoc they're likely to wreak.

The RedSeal SRM 3000 is a 1U server that maintains a database of your entire network, as well as vulnerability information. The latter includes the catalog of vulnerabilities, the current data from vulnerability scans, firewall configurations, and business-value information. Using the data RedSeal has collected, a Java application presents an easy-to-use visualization of the threats to your network. Competitors include nCircle's Topology Risk Analyzer and Skybox Security's Skybox View Suite.

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