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RollOut: Adrem Software's NetCrunch 4.1

The Upshot

NetCrunch 4.1 provides critical improvements over earlier releases. Monitoring algorithms are more efficient, the service-monitoring functions have been expanded, and the number of recovery options has been broadened.

To stay on top of network and system performance, admins must be able to gauge the health of the network devices and services by monitoring basic reachability and performance. They also need a system to perform automated actions, such as notifying staff of the outage or restarting the downed system, when a critical network resource goes down.

NetCrunch 4.1 would satisfy the system-management needs of most Windows managers. It is usable on networks with large numbers of Unix systems and SNMP devices, but admins must invest significant time and energy to get those systems on par with the built-in Windows functionality.

Adrem Software's NetCrunch 4.1

Adrem Software's NetCrunch 4.1 delivers robust functionality in all areas critical to network and system management, including device discovery, resource monitoring, events and alerts, short-term graphing, long-term reporting, and diagnostics. With its comprehensive feature set and intuitive interface, the product makes system management straightforward--and even enjoyable--for managers of midsize networks primarily running Windows servers.

On the downside, the data-collection engine is only available for Windows and the bundled Windows console must run on the same system as the server. However, the usable Web UI supports role-definable accounts, so users aren't limited to the Windows console.

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