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A Rogues Gallery of Data Protection Miscreants

Protecting data has become a top priority for most IT personnel, including storage managers. And the job is overwhelming. From supporting laptop information to guarding archives to managing security keys, data protection is a multifaceted task with lots of moving parts.

So it's no surprise that things go wrong. Indeed, the essential challenge of data protection seems to lie in compensating for and reducing the potential impact of inevitable problems and slippages.

There's no lack of supplier help and advice. The market is teeming with vendors, consultants, integrators, and other solution providers. The bigger the organization, the more assistance is ready to hand.

So how come high-profile breaches keep happening?

That's what we're exploring in this article, which covers what we believe to be the major data protection disasters of recent memory. In the pages that follow, we profile what we think are the most egregious data handling mistakes to make headlines.

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