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Rick Belluzzo, CEO, Quantum

Now that Quantum spent $770 million to buy tape library rival ADIC, CEO Rick Belluzzo faces the same challenge he did before the deal: How does a tape library supplier stay relevant in a world where disk is playing an ever-bigger role in data protection? (See Quantum Takes Tape Rival ADIC.)

The ADIC deal was part of the answer, from Belluzzo's viewpoint. Aimed at beefing up Quantum's market share as well as sales and marketing organizations, the ADIC buy also will accelerate Quantum's strategy of getting deeper into disk, Belluzzo says.

Specifically, while both companies have dabbled in disk-based virtual tape library (VTL) products over the past few years, Belluzzo is looking to expand that considerably by creating disk-based libraries with stronger ILM features.

The first new product from the combined companies will be a midrange disk library for backup use, aimed at remote offices. "We had to move outside of tape [only]," Belluzzo says. "We realized disk, ILM, and tiered storage was going to be the central piece of what our customers will pursue. We needed to strengthen our disk backup products... You take VTL (virtual tape library), add some work in replication and file system management, and you end up with a nice product."

Belluzzo says Quantum will have the first product along those lines in December. He says it will incorporate de-duplication software that ADIC acquired from Rocksoft earlier this year, as well as ADIC's StorNext file system, which lets users set policies for moving data. (See ADIC in De-Dupe Deal.) It also will include replication.

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