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Richard Scannell, Co-Founder & SVP, GlassHouse Technologies

In the cold, cruel world of technology startups, GlassHouse Technologies Inc. is toasty warm and full of goodwill.

It's no surprise: While IT intransigence has choked off funding to many so-called storage service providers, GlassHouse is not only surviving, it's thriving to the tune of 30 percent growth quarter on quarter – by offering basic storage consulting to large companies in North America and Europe.

Richard Scannell, co-founder of GlassHouse and its senior VP of North American Consulting, can rightfully claim part of the credit. He helped define the particular mix of factors that have helped make GlassHouse a hit – so far, anyway.

Scannell started his career as a software engineer after graduating with a computer science degree from the University College Cork in Ireland. It was during 12 years as an IT manager and advanced technology buyer for Motorola Inc. (NYSE: MOT) that he developed an interest in IT management and consulting.

Next came a brief and, to the jaundiced observer, somewhat puzzling stint as president and COO of UpSource Inc., a startup specializing in call center services.

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