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Revivio Finds Buddy; Buyer Next?

Continous data protection (CDP) startup Revivio picked up a strategic partner today, but it wasn't the big deal industry insiders are waiting for.

QLogic said it would sell Revivio CDP software on the SANBox 8000 intelligent switch product it grabbed by acquiring Troika last October (See QLogic, Revivio Team and QLogic Picks Up Troika).

The partnership comes as talk swirls that Revivio will be the next CDP startup to get acquired. Industry sources say IBM is strongly considering buying the startup. The two already have a deal that calls for Revivio to integrate IBM's CDP for files into its enterprise CDP product. (See Revivio Integrates IBM Tivoli CDP.) Hewlett-Packard is also believed to be looking for a CDP startup, with Revivio and Mendocino Software supposedly in the running.

"Revivio has been seriously shopped for about six months now," says one industry source.

"I've heard that too," an analyst says. "Serious candidates include IBM and HP."

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