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Reva Taps Into RFID Data

Just a few months after stepping out of stealth, Reva Systems Corp. has unveiled its first product: a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) appliance which aims to ease the strain on users' back-end storage and servers. (See Reva Unveils TAP .)

Keeping track of the masses of data generated by RFID readers poses a potential nightmare for data center managers, something Reva hopes to cash in on. (See IDC: RFID Success Depends on Networks and RFID Feeding Frenzy.)

The one-rack-unit Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) sits on a local area network (LAN) and draws information from RFID readers. The appliance then uses the Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII) interface to make the data available to SAP and SQL applications sitting on back-end servers.

Although RFID is still an emerging technology, Reva has managed to nab some early adopters. A major professional services firm, which asked not to be named, is using the devices to keep track of who visits one of its key R&D facilities. Customers are allocated a badge with an RFID tag,” explains a senior exec at the firm, noting that the TAPs "provide that first tier of data filtering and aggregation.”

The exec tells NDCF that this approach is less hassle than running specialist software on back-end servers to handle all the data. “I don’t want to have to worry about middleware going down or writing custom code,” he says.

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