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Remote Access Advances: Page 2 of 4

  • That said, Availl is not aiming at smaller remote centers and individual users, as are
    some of its competitors. "Our market is important remote sites," says Availl VP of operations
    Craig Randall. "If you don't have a server, you're probably not an
    important office."

    Availl isn’t the only vendor aiming CDP away from headquarters. IBM’s CDP for Files has been targeting laptops as well as individual PCs and servers since it launched last August. IBM released an update in January. (See IBM Updates CDP and Laptop Venn & Zen.)

  • Riverbed launched two versions of its Steelhead WAN optimization appliance. (See Riverbed Chases Small Remotes.) The new, smaller wares include the Steelhead 100, which supports up to 25 optimized
    TCP connections and up to six users, and the Steelhead 200, which supports up to 75 TCP connections and up to 20 users. Both hold 36 GBytes of data. The Steelhead 100 has a list price $3,495; the Steelhead 200 is $4,995; and they are set to ship next week.

    Previous Riverbed appliances supported from 200 TCP connections and 80 GBytes of data to 2,200 TCP connections and 512 GBytes. And Riverbed CEO Jerry Kennelly says his company will continue to scale down with a product for laptop users, probably in 2007. "Every customer in the world is asking for it," he says.

    Competition includes Tacit Networks, which plans to begin shipping a WAFS appliance for offices with five or fewer users and is developing WAFS products for
    laptop users with technology acquired last month from Mobiliti. (See

    Tacit Buys Mobiliti, Goes Mini and Tacit Adds Mobiliti to Shopping List.) Orbital Data is also beta testing WAN acceleration software for home office and laptops and hopes to ship by mid-year.

All the announcements indicate IT and storage administrators seem to be warming to products that make it easier to service remote offices. Riverbed and Availl claim 500 customers apiece, mostly picked up last year. And Asigra claims thousands of users, primarily through service providers.