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Remote Access Advances

Asigra, Availl, and Riverbed Technology all unveiled products for remote offices today, following a spate of launches in January.

The news shows options for remote sites are improving, though technology remains a work in progress. It's also apparent that backup software and CDP vendors have their eyes increasingly on remote offices, with particular attention to home offices and laptop users. Here's a rundown:

  • Asigra, which always aimed its backup software at remote offices, has added
    support for operating systems, databases, and VMware in its Televaulting 6.0
    product. (See Asigra Upgrades Televault and Asigra's Path Forks.) Televaulting will now perform hot backups for Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL 8, and IBM DB2 databases, and will back up VMware ESX Server. Asigra also added an automated mass deployment feature that allows administrators to create a
    template of backup policies and send it out to multiple remote sites. Pricing begins at $11,250.

    Although Asigra is not a WAFS or WAN optimization product, Asigra executive VP Eran Farajun sees those technologies as competition because of Televaulting's
    concentration on remote offices. "We compete in a sense, because they are an
    alternative solution, he says. “If you don’t have any data on remote sites to back up, you don’t need backup software.”

  • Availl, which considers CDP a key piece of its WAFS strategy, upgraded its software to consolidate its CDP package for files and databases into one agent. (See
    (See Availl Adds Features and Availl Debuts CDP .) Availl prices its WAFS beginning at $3,995 for two servers and charges $995 per server for CDP.

    Availl previously required customers to install separate agents in the data center and on protected servers for file and database protection.

    The change is noteworthy. Unlike Riverbed, Tacit, and other WAFS or WAN optimizers, Availl replicates data from remote offices to data centers without caching data. And while Tacit and Riverbed ship on their own servers, Availl's software must install on customers' servers on remote offices. Hence, the ability to take up less space on the server is an advantage.

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