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Remaining Relevant

Plastic surgery is an interesting phenomenon, in many ways a follow-on to the psycho-babble and self-help craze, and a major source of tax income to those places in the world, like Irvine, Calif., where plastic surgery has become the largest component of the local economy. Despite the huge revenues it generates, one medical report recently questioned the practice of nip and tuck as a possible contributor to the decline of the human gene pool.

Think about it. Nature (helped along by pop media) makes us respond to, or be stimulated by, certain physical traits in others as a means to help perpetuate the species. As a result, a man or woman who is less than a "perfect 10" in the looks department might not have as many reproductive opportunities as, say, a supermodel or rock star.

By this logic, natural selection culls out certain physical characteristics over many generations. Some scientists argue, however, that by surgically altering those physical attributes of attraction, we are perpetuating exactly the genes that nature is trying to weed out. Increasingly unattractive offspring are the inevitable consequence of the mating of less-than-attractive-though-surgically-altered individuals.

Following this line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, the whole world is ultimately doomed to be populated by unattractive folk who have no incentive to perpetuate the species. It's an interesting theory. For all we know, it might explain what really killed off the dinosaurs.

Which brings me to the fact that the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) is out to "reinvent" itself. It has convened a Board Advisory Committee (BAC) to create some sort of strategy to help curb the decline of the organization into oblivion, irrelevance, and bankruptcy. I sense the plastic surgeons sharpening their scalpels in anticipation.

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