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That's going to be what our friends in the South need after yesterday's hurricane -- reinvestment by government and business, and more immediately can help from everyone who can pitch in.
The Web has been inundated with traffic related to Hurricane Katrina, and much of that is from kind souls looking to see what they can do. Our TechWeb colleagues are keeping up on the story on a continual basis; take a check now and then for the latest on this event's ramifications.

The server market may seem much less important by contrast, but it nonetheless doesn't stop functioning because of other news events. And there, it appears that reinvestment is the order of the day, as the overall market continues to grow and Unix servers continue to advance in popularity, especially among companies who already have a Unix base. No surprise there: Infrastructure spending by IT has been OK for some time now, and companies keep betting on growth in their markets and are getting ready to handle that. If servers are the canary in IT's coal mine, then so far, so good.