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ReiJane Huai, CEO, FalconStor

For FalconStor Software Inc. (Nasdaq: FALC) CEO and chairman ReiJane Huai, what seems to others to be a complicated task is really very simple.

In 2000, engineer Huai led a group of former Cheyenne Software executives in starting FalconStor, a company dedicated to network storage management and services. (See Virtualization Vendors Vie for OEMs.)

Following a merger with Network Peripherals, FalconStor went public and began shipping its IPStor software in 2001. (See FalconStor Completes Merger, Joins Nasdaq.) Since then, FalconStor has expanded its products to include practically every buzzword in storage software iSCSI, virtualization, virtual tape library (VTL), continuous data protection (CDP), and data de-duplication. (See FalconStor Supports iSCSI, FalconStor Delivers Next-Gen VTL, FalconStor Delivers CDP, and FalconStor Launches SIR.)

But Huai insists the company's mission is the same as it was at Cheyenne – to facilitate better backup. It's just that this time, the target is storage instead of servers.

Still, Huai admits backup is a "pretty big area." He says FalconStor tries to keep things simple by offering multiple services in one product family. To the customers, he says, it all comes down to making backups more efficient.

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