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Redline Revs Up Performance Claims

Redline Networks Inc. today unveiled its new, high-end application processor: the E/X 3670, which it claims offers a major performance hike compared to the companys existing products.

The E/X 3670 can be deployed behind a firewall in large corporate data centers to secure Web traffic and applications. But the launch comes at a time when Redline’s competitors are also looking to ramp up the performance of their own products through a combination of high-performance silicon and software enhancements.

The 2U E/X 3670 boasts over 10,000 new SSL connections per second, Redline says. If true, that's a major improvement on the company’s next largest device, the E/X 3650, which handles 1,600 new SSL sessions per second. The new device can also handle 100,000 simultaneous SSL connections, Redline claims.

The catch is that the machine has yet to be independently tested, so there's really no way to know whether it goes as fast as the vendor says. And in an industry segment characterized by intense competition and serious marketing braggadocio, it's always a good idea to take performance claims like Redline's with a pinch of sodium chloride.

Craig Stouffer, vice president of marketing at Redline admits that the company's internal testing has so far been "limited to a couple of hundred thousand [connections]." But he doesn't see that as a problem; in fact, his spin is that the product could potentially support a higher number of connections. [Ed. note: Sure. And it could potentially stabilize the Venezuelan Bolivare.]

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