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Reconfiguring a POP Site

Question:I am a landlord who has inherited a POP site initially configured for a telephone central office after the tenant went bankrupt. What would you suggest as a strategy for returning this costly asset to a profitable use?

Answer:The options depend on the location. If the building is strategically located within local reach of a large populous area, such as in or nearby a major city, then there should be plenty of opportunity for leasing out the existing facilities to alternate carriers or resellers.

You could turn this into a voice and data service center. In particular, you could provide voice over IP (VOIP) services by the addition of VOIP media gateways, which connect between client VOIP sessions entering the facility over the Internet and traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) telephony services. You could set up as an independent service provider in order to do this, you will need to look into licensing issues. Alternatively, you could lease this facility out to one of the upcoming Internet VOIP service providers, such as Skype or Vonage Holdings Corp