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The Real Cost of Compliance

During this long, cold winter, storage vendors warm themselves with news of the latest corporate scandals. Last week, former Enron execs Andrew and Leah Fastow pleaded guilty to felonies. This week, Martha Stewart goes on trial for conspiracy, fraud, and obstruction of justice.

Keep 'em coming! After all, financial scandals created the billion-dollar business weve come to know as compliance.

“We thought it [the Enron scandal] was a nice little boost,” says Jim Moulton, CEO of startup Seven Ten Storage Software, which now bills its archival and data replication software as a compliance solution. “We were doing compliance already anyway. The regulations have always been there. But nobody ever did anything about it. Now people are going to jail.”

It seems losing your company’s business data is one thing, a trip to the hoosegow another. Hence, the vision that gives storage vendors the warm fuzzies: Execs watch the news. They panic over the multiple new regulations. They turn to their IT staff for help, and ITers reach out to storage vendors big and small, who can't seem to get those compliance labels smacked onto their gear fast enough.

Is it really worth it?

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