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Quick Takes

NetSupport Manager

NetSupport has released version 8.0 of its NetSupport Manager desktop-management tool, enchancing hardware and software inventory functions and adding an Internet gateway. You can use the remote-management tool to inventory clients, find hardware problems, verify licensing and check for up-to-date fixes. The software also provides real-time information on application status. You can set up the Internet gateway behind a firewall without making changes to the firewall's configurations. Support for Linux and Apple Macintosh remote control have also been added.

$99. NetSupport, (888) 665-0808, (770) 205-4456.

NetPro Secure ADLS

NetPro promises to help you achieve 24x7 availability and enhanced security for Microsoft Active Directory and the applications that depend on it with its Secure Active Directory Lifecycle Suite (ADLS). In addition to modeling and managing Active Directory's deployment and growth, ADLS employs DirectoryLockdown to prevent the replication of unauthorized ActiveDirectory updates. The DNSAnalyzer tool from Men & Mice is included and integrated in ADLS, providing monitoring and alerting of close to 200 DNS alert conditions.

$37 per user. NetPro Computing, (480) 941-3600, (800) 998-5090.

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