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Quick Take: Corsair Flash Survivor GT

Anyone who has used a typical plastic USB flash drive knows they can break under the stress of everyday use. But Corsair's new USB flash drive can handle even the most extreme conditions. Engineered from milled aluminum and enclosed in a case with rubber-molded shielding, Corsair's new Flash Survivor drive can withstand shocks and is rated as water resistant to 200 meters. Drive performance is optimized in the 8-GB GT model; we transferred 438 MB of MP3 files in just 40 seconds. The Flash Survivor GT also proved rugged in tests. The drive worked after being submerged in water and then run over with a car (though there were some nicks in the drive's case). Beyond physical security, Corsair provides encryption software to optionally secure data with 256-bit AES encryption. The 8-GB Survivor GT is $129.99; the 4-GB Survivor is $59.99.

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