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Quest Extends Backup Engine to Oracle

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. -- For years, Quest Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: QSFT) has provided the SQL Server market with advanced, high-performance backup compression and encryption via LiteSpeed for SQL Server. Now Quest brings this same high-quality, cost-cutting backup and recovery technology to the Oracle platform with the launch of LiteSpeed® Engine for Oracle.

The strain of today’s current market conditions combined with increasingly high-volume, diverse database environments underscores the need for quickly realized cost savings and optimal use of IT resources. LiteSpeed Engine for Oracle offers database administrators (DBAs) an advanced tool that cuts storage costs, reduces backup and restore times and delivers a solid return-on-investment. Oracle DBAs charged with handling secure backup and recovery strategies on a lean budget can realize 70 to 90 percent compression with LiteSpeed while maintaining complete control over the backup and recovery process.

““Having responsibility for both Oracle and SQL Server in my environment has become much easier and more seamless now that I can use LiteSpeed for backup and recovery on both platforms,” said Tom Sager, DBA manager, E.ON US. “Using LiteSpeed Engine for Oracle, we achieved phenomenal results—81 percent reduced storage and vastly increased efficiency in our backup and recovery operations on Oracle.”

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