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Quantum to Offer De-Dupe Duo

Backup vendor Quantum today unveiled a high-end disk storage device, which it is touting as a way for users to mix and match data de-duplication efforts. (See Quantum Intros DXi7500.)

Data de-duplication, which aims to reduce the bulk of backed-up data by ensuring that the same information is not stored in two places, is gaining momentum amongst users. (See Top Storage Predictions for 2007 and Insider: De-Dupe Demystified.) De-dupe has already been highlighted as one of this year's hottest technologies, buoyed by a frenzy of marketing spiel from vendors. (See Symantec Bolsters Backup, Symantec Dips Into De-Dupe, Data Domain Prices $78M IPO, RoboBak Locks Onto SMBs, and EMC Talks Disk & De-Dupe.)

Quantum is the latest firm to crank up its efforts in this space, unveiling the DXi7500, a 12-rack-unit-high disk backup system which it claims can scale from 24 Tbytes to 240 Tbytes. The system, which fleshes out the high end of Quantum's DXi family of products, also combines two versions of de-dupe.

There are currently a couple of approaches to de-duplication: inline processing, which is offered by the likes of Data Domain and Diligent, among others; and post-processing, which is offered by Sepaton and others. (See Data Domain Unveils DD580, Diligent Breaks Record, and Sepaton, Hifn Partner.)

Inline processing takes place as data is being received from the backup servers and before it is stored to disk, skipping a final step. Post-processing, as its name suggests, occurs after the backup, thus avoiding any interference with it. (See Sepaton Adds De-Dupe to VTL.)

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