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Quad-Core Processor Forecast

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Dual-core processors are barely out of the starting gate, and already Intel and AMD are racing to see who can be first to market with quad-core CPUs.

Quad-Core Processor Forecast

  1)  AMD Server

  2)  Intel Server

  3)  AMD Desktop

  4)  Intel Desktop

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Both chip vendors have spewed forth a blizzard of announcements, though no actual quad-core microprocessors have yet shipped. Intel disclosed at its late-September developer forum that it's giving its four-way devices the brand name "Core 2 Quad." As for AMD, it has touted the tape-out of a quad version of its Opteron server CPU as well as the launch of a new quad-ready socket.

So, while it's early in the quad-core game, it's nevertheless difficult to tell the planned parts apart without a scorecard. Accordingly, we bring you a short but hopefully useful guide, which corrals all the publicly available processor information into one place. We've separated the upcoming chips into server and desktop categories. We've also included an image gallery containing slides from Intel and AMD, which provide information on the respective companies' roadmaps.

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