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QLogic Demos Migration

Corp. (Nasdaq:QLGC), a leader in networking for storage and high
performance computing, today announced it is first to demonstrate
VMware virtual machine migration using QLogic(r) virtual HBA
technology. Live migrations allow IT managers to take down a working
server, upgrade the operating system or apply patches, and then bring
it back up again while users continue to access applications on the
server. The demonstration at VMworld is part of a collaboration between
QLogic, VMware and its Community Source program to complement server
virtualization software with hardware-assisted virtualization. The
hardware-assist virtualization technology inside QLogic SANblade(r)
HBAs eliminates the need for ESX administrators to reconfigure SAN
functions after live virtual machine migrations.

"Customers are now consolidating more VMs onto a single, physical
server," said Greg Schulz, founder and senior analyst, The StorageIO
Group. "NPIV technology helps link worldwide port names to individual
virtual machines to enable performance monitoring on a per-VM basis, as
well as seamless live migration of VMs without compromising SAN and
data integrity not to mention eliminating the need for timely and
complex SAN reconfigurations such as zoning or LUN masking changes."

"NPIV technology for Fibre Channel HBAs provides key benefits such as
dynamic provisioning of SAN configuration settings and enhanced quality
of service (QoS), thereby enabling SAN administrators to extend their
SAN best practices to virtualized environments," said Amit Vashi, vice
president of marketing, QLogic Host Solutions Group.

QLogic Corp.