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QLogic and Troika

So QLogic bought Troika Networks. I've digested this for a few days, and have a couple of observations.
First, this is good for Troika. They were struggling in a market dominated by a channel, QLogic brings them that channel.
The benefit to QLogic is more questionable, in my opinion. I'm guessing they have some deals already lined up, because it doesn't seem to make sense that someone without even a director class switch would buy an Intelligent Switch solution. I hope they get what they expect out of it.
Of course, there is one thing that really bothers me, these two experienced companies, with intelligent staff members, bought into the whole "Virtualization is Intelligence" thing that some vendors are trying to shove down our throats.
Sad, truly sad. It provides an indication of what QLogic is hoping to gain from the purchase. They stressed that Troika was a Virtualization solution, but it is a programmable platform - that's not just virtualization, it is a whole lot more. Unless QLogic decides to only use it for virtualization, then maybe they have the right name after all. That would be a waste, but would fit with the FUD currently in the market, making them reactionary to other vendor's claims.