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Proofpoint Picks Up Fortiva for Email Archiving

SaaS specialist Proofpoint snapped up archiving vendor Fortiva today in an attempt to plug a gap in its managed email strategy.

We had not entered the email archiving space until this time,” explained Andrew Lochart, the Proofpoint vice president of product marketing. “A number of our customers have asked us about that - this year feels like a bit of a tipping point for businesses to get serious about email archiving.”

Proofpoint would not reveal the value of today’s deal, although, with only 45 employees and around 200 customers, Fortiva was likely much smaller than recent acquisitions in this space, such as Dell’s $155 million purchase of MessageOne.

The Proofpoint VP of marketing explained that Fortiva will be offered as a module as part of the Proofpoint on Demand SaaS offering, which also includes modules such as anti-spam, antivirus and data leak protection.

Specifically, Fortiva’s flagship Archiving Suite will be rebranded as Proofpoint Email Archiving, and Fortiva will become a business unit with Proofpoint.

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