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Promise Enters DAS Market for Mac and Windows

MILPITAS, CA--(Marketwire - June 2, 2009) - Promise Technology Inc., a leading supplier of cutting edge RAID storage solutions for enterprise, SMB, SOHO and consumer customers has announced the SmartStor DS4600 High Performance Quad Interface 4 Drive RAID 5 Direct Attached Storage for Mac and Windows computers. The SmartStor DS4600 is Promise's first foray into Direct Attached Storage (DAS) for Consumer, SOHO and Small Business segments.

The SmartStor DS4600 features 4 interfaces which includes USB 2.0 (1x), eSATA 3G (1x), Firewire 400 (1x) and Firewire 800 (2x). Consumers and end-users will find a USB cable, eSATA cable, eSATA bracket, Firewire 400 cable and Firewire 800 cable in the "box" therefore there is no need to spend additional money on accessories. Consumers and end-users have the option to use RAID 5, RAID 0 or RAID 1 providing the ultimate in flexibility. When using four 2TB SATA 3G Hard Drives consumers and end-users can build a volume with a massive 5.7TB of usable space under RAID 5 or 7.2TB under RAID 0 (drives not included).

The SmartStor DS4600 features an ultra sleek aesthetic design with Blue LEDs and No Power Supply Fan. The internal Power Supply has been removed and replaced with an external Power Adapter that snaps into the bottom of the SmartStor DS4600 and is secured by a removable door. The SmartStor DS4600 is one of the quietest 4 Drive Direct Attached Storage Devices on the Market today.

"Consumers and end-users are rapidly transitioning to Notebooks and Netbooks as their primary computer in the home and in the office. Notebooks and Netbooks are limited in terms of internal storage leaving the average consumer or end-user scrambling to expand their storage for backup of valuable data and digital content," said Billy Harrison, Promise Technology's Product Manager for CE Products - NAS and DAS.

The SmartStor DS4600 is designed around EOU (Ease of Use) and is easily configurable via Promise's "One Touch Configuration" or with Promise's SmartNAVI Management GUI for Windows and Mac. SmartNAVI allows the consumer or end-user to configure the SmartStor DS4600 using "One Click Setup" or "Advanced Setup."

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