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Prism Adds Much-Needed Monitoring

Server virtualization is one of the most complex operational projects that most large organizations are undertaking. Unfortunately for those involved in the monitoring of these servers, traditional techniques don't work. Although it might be easy to discern if one or two virtual machines are created based on the logs of the host platform, it becomes increasingly difficult to track the provisioning of hundreds or thousands of virtual machines across a data center. The dynamic nature of virtualized systems makes it extremely difficult to keep tabs on what's deployed, when it was deployed and by whom. 

Prism Microsystems' EventTracker is an entry-level to midrange security incident and event management (SIEM) product that has lacked features such as integration with vulnerability assessment, configuration management, and identity and access management products.

To combat its shortcomings, EventTracker has staked a claim to the niche virtualization event management market by integrating with VMware's hypervisor API. That's an area that industry leaders, such as ArcSight, Q1 Labs and RSA, have yet to break into. Prism Microsystems will release an impressive update before the year's end that will make up for some of its historical shortcomings.

The newest version of Prism's EventTracker can collect, analyze, and report on events in a complex and dynamic data center setting.The ability to monitor server hardware, hypervisors and OSes provides a complete picture.

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