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PreEmptive Solutions Enhances Obfuscator

CLEVELAND -- PreEmptive Solutions, the leading obfuscation provider for both .NET and Java, announced the immediate availability of Dotfuscator 4.1. Specific features new in Dotfuscator 4.1 include;

Real time tamper response: Dotfuscator can inject a developer’s own code to execute as a real-time tamper defense rendering tampered applications useless and harmless. Combined with the existing tamper notification service, Dotfuscator effectively eliminates every incentive to tamper with an obfuscated application. This is an enhanced detective IT control.

Smart incremental obfuscation: Dotfuscator has long been able to generate patches for obfuscated applications and support distributed development groups. Now, Dotfuscator can selectively obfuscate only those components that have been altered within an application while preserving existing dependencies to satellite components. Large applications can be obfuscated in small parts and in parallel and patches can be generated far more efficiently. This is a material improvement to the development process.

Enhanced obfuscation: Dotfuscator 4.1 includes additional control flow transformations as part of PreEmptive Solutions’ continuous security improvements. This is obfuscation technology innovation.

“Enterprise obfuscation is measured in three distinct ways; as a technology to protect against reverse engineering, a development process component to ensure consistent deployment and as an IT control to manage risk,” said Bill Leach, CTO of PreEmptive Solutions. “This release demonstrates significant innovation in each of these three areas.”

PreEmptive Solutions