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Plasmon, Nexsan Team Up

BROOMFIELD, Colo. -- Plasmon (LSE:PLM), the trusted source in archiving systems and Nexsan, the leader in innovative and secure storage solutions, today announced the Enterprise Active Archive (EAA) an evolutionary approach to managing business critical and compliant information over a companys business cycle. The EAA integrates Nexsan’s Assureon software with Plasmon’s Archive Appliance to provide the first intelligent, secure and multi-tier archiving solution that manages data on both on-line and off-line media.

The EAA optimizes IT infrastructure by off-loading archive data from production servers and enabling data from multiple disparate applications to be archived in a single scalable appliance. The EAA reduces IT labor costs by providing in-line data classification, policy based data management and low cost disaster protection and recovery. In addition, it enables selective encryption of data, thus providing IT with the knowledge that their data is secure locally or when in transit.

“Plasmon and Nexsan recognize the increasing business and legal pressures that companies are facing when it comes to archiving and we understand that delivering a secure integrated archiving solution is invaluable to businesses,” said Mike Koclanes, chief strategy officer, Plasmon. “Because the EAA provides a holistic approach to addressing the different needs of key technical and business stakeholders, it mitigates the business and legal risks by ensuring that data is efficiently retained and authenticated.”

Nexsan’s Assureon provides a complementary smart layer of software that uses flexible polices to automate compliance and data management processes in addition to providing contextual indexing and search capabilities. Plasmon’s UDO Archive Appliance provides multi-tiered storage and absolute data authenticity for any application where archived data must remain 100 percent unchanged over its lifecycle utilizing true hardware WORM media, in addition to transparent on-line and off-line media management.

“The EAA uniquely provides the performance of disk coupled with the permanence of optical managed by intelligent software into a highly available and scalable archiving solution,” said Philip Black, CEO of Nexsan Technologies. “Customers recognize the benefits of Content Addressed Storage and the EAA delivers it without the baggage associated with competitive proprietary systems.”

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