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PineApp Appliance Blocks Threats

IRVINE, Calif. -- Fighting email threats is like trying to hit a rapidly moving target. As soon as security solutions devise filters and blocks to thwart one type of threat, attackers and spammers move on to another, always staying one step ahead. Since most security solutions play catch up, they leave a window of vulnerability during which networks can be exploited.

PineApp Corporation’s perimeter security technology provides a first line of defense regardless of the content of the email. Using 11 proactive anti-spam engines and five anti-virus engines which include real-time components, the system provides an impenetrable defense against existing and emerging threats. Mail-SeCure™ recognizes email threats in any form and blocks them before they ever reach the network.

Mail-SeCure blocks the threats instantly, thus eliminating the dependency on adding new filters, signatures or software upgrades.

“Unless an email security solution can instantly block new email threats before they hit the network, it is relatively useless,” stated Jacob Fox, PineApp Corporation’s president and CEO. “Typically, a massive spam or virus outbreak will only last a few hours and is launched from a network of ‘zombie’ machines. To complicate the detection process, each message within the massive spam outbreak can be composed differently and can employ more than one evasion technique. Mail-SeCure, which is attached outside the network, offers zero-hour protection against spam and viruses in any form right out of the box.”

PineApp Corp.