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Pilgrim Uses RamSan-400

HOUSTON -- Texas Memory Systems, Inc., makers of the Worlds Fastest Storage®, announced that Pilgrim, the acclaimed fashion accessory design firm, is using its RamSan-400 solid state disk to accelerate Microsoft Dynamics AX with SQL Server 2005 applications by 2,000%. Pilgrim has become one of the world’s fastest-growing fashion brands with its unique jewelry, watches and eyewear collections. The company boasts 250 employees and distribution deals with over 5,000 shops and department stores worldwide.

In recent years Pilgrim’s growth began to put a strain on the company’s IT infrastructure. System users began to experience slow response times during high-demand periods. Pilgrim’s key IT infrastructure includes Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise running on HP DL585 servers and a Fibre Channel SAN-based IBM DS4300 RAID storage system. The problem was traced to intense burst of data I/Os.

“Our existing SAN provided a continuous flow of I/Os,” said Anders Schack Petersen, Pilgrim’s System Administrator. “However, since we perform a lot of data intensive updates, the system couldn’t cope and the result was long wait times for users.”

Texas Memory Systems Inc.