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ParaScale Unveils Cost-of-Ownership Calculator for Cloud Storage

CUPERTINO, CA - June 3, 2009 -- ParaScale, Inc., a startup company developing cloud storage solutions, today announced availability of a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculator to help companies quantify the value and some of the trade-offs that need to be considered when deploying an Internet-scale cloud storage solution. The calculator focuses on the savings associated with the management cost per terabyte, storage utilization and capacity rates. The calculator addresses the questions of many audiences, whether the cloud service provider is an internal IT group, a third-party that delivers storage services, or a combination of both.

"Cloud storage success will be determined in large part by how efficiently the cloud infrastructure is managed and how highly utilized it is," said Sajai Krishnan, CEO, ParaScale. "Traditional NAS storage solutions fall short in their ability to scale to petabytes. Internet-scale capacities require a new approach to curbing storage management costs while creating an automated storage environment that can expand and contrast as needed. ParaScale's Cloud Storage software offers that approach. To help companies weigh their options, we have developed an online Total Cost of Ownership calculator so the investment choices are easy to measure and compare."

"Not all scale-out architectures are the same--each has unique strengths and weaknesses that need to be considered," said Terri McClure, analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Selecting the underlying infrastructure is one of the most important decisions a cloud storage service provider will make, whether as a public cloud provider or as an IT shop transforming its storage infrastructure into a service-based model. Leveraging a tool like the ParaScale TCO calculator, users can make a much more educated decision regarding what that infrastructure should be."

The ParaScale Total Cost of Ownership calculator collects input from the user on capacity, growth and capital expenditures and produces a simple to understand report that clearly identifies the five year cost of both solutions. Assumptions of the model are clearly identified including a breakdown on the basis of those assumptions. The results are provided in graphical format with a detailed yearly breakout of capacities, capital and operational expenditures.

ParaScale Cloud Storage (PCS) is a software only solution that can be downloaded from the web and applied to a standard Linux platform. Legacy servers can be added to a cloud rather than discarded. ParaScale software runs in user space and can therefore be co-resident with other applications. The software will automatically balance capacity utilization and adjust access to address hot spots. ParaScale's self-managing storage cloud with massive capacity and parallel throughput is an industry first.

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