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Parascale Pushes Cloud Software

Startup Parascale claims to have developed a new form of cloud storage, touting a software-based clustered file system that can link hardware from different server vendors into a pool of storage.

We’re a software provider that enables private or public clouds,” says Mike Maxey, Parascale’s director of product management. “As you add or remove nodes to and from the cloud, it will balance capacity.”

Parascale’s clustered file system software works with VMware to link servers from different vendors into a “private storage cloud” within the user's firewall. The vendor is also pushing the technology at service providers looking to compete with Amazon’s S3 offering.

Unlike vendors such as Isilon and BlueArc, which use dedicated hardware, Parascale claims that its software will work with any Intel-based machines running VMware Server software.

The vendor is also touting its software cloud as a more robust offering than the likes of Amazon S3, which recently suffered a high-profile outage.

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