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Parallels Runs Windows, Linux On MacIntel Platform

For those looking to leverage the new Macintosh and Intel marriage, there is some very good news that can fuel the adoption of the Macintosh platform.

That good news comes from a company named Parallels, which Thursday made available a public beta of the Parallels WorkStation 2.1 software for the MacIntel platform, which can be downloaded from

The product takes advantage of Apple’s inclusion of the Intel Core Duo found in all new Macintosh computer models. Intel’s Core Duo chipset is x86-compatible, which allows the Parallels virtualization engine to easily create a virtual environment. Workstation 2.1 allows Macintosh users to build virtual machines running nearly any x86-compatible OS, including Windows 3.1-XP/2003, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, OS/2, eComStation, and MS-DOS.

Parallels fully supports Intel virtualization technology, which is included in most new Core Duo chipsets. That support greatly increases virtual machine speeds and delivers the performance expected from a dedicated system. That speed advantage is complemented by stability; each machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and the host physical machine.

One of the biggest complaints about Apple’s Macintosh is the lack of applications compared to the number offered for Microsoft’s Windows. Parallels solves that problem by bringing Windows to the Mac world. What’s more, virtual hard drives can be copied from one system to another, which makes the virtual Windows (or Linux, Solaris, or OS/2) environment completely portable.

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