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Pano Logic Locks Onto Desktops

XenSource co-founder Nick Gault resurfaced today with another startup, this time attempting to tackle the challenge of desktop virtualization. (See Pano Logic Unveils Virtual Desktop and Insider Eyes Virtual Desktops.)

Pano Logic is Gault's second foray into the world of virtualization and follows the $500 million sale of XenSource to Citrix earlier this month. (See Citrix Bags XenSource for $500M, Xen & the Art of Virtualization, and Desktops' Virtual Dance.)

"Desktop virtualization will be bigger than server virtualization because there's more pain around management of the desktop," says Gault, pointing to the challenges of configuring software and managing patches on multiple desktops. (See Wanted: Virtual Desktop Services.)

In an attempt to resolve this problem, Pano Logic is touting a technology it claims will remove the need to install and manage software on individual desktops.

The Pano device is a small box measuring roughly three inches by three inches, which contains three USB ports for connecting a keyboard, mouse, or thumb-drive. A video graphics array (VGA) port on the box connects to a monitor.

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