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Panel Endorses SRM Separatism

CHICAGO -- When it comes to storage resource management (SRM) software, storage administrators don't want applications that tie them to their hardware vendors.

That was the gist of a panel discussion of SRM software at the Storage Decisions conference this week -- and it was good news for some smaller companies looking to cash in on the rapidly growing market (see IDC: SRM, EMC Software Grows and SRM, Disk Backup Heat Up).

The panelists agreed they prefer software to be independent from their storage systems' vendor, mainly because they want to be able to maintain heterogenous networks or change hardware without having to switch SRM as well.

Mark Dixon, director of technical services for the Chicago Board of Trade, said his SAN is based on EMC Corp. (NYSE: EMC) and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) storage -- and he didn't want an SRM package integrated with one or the other.

"We picked Veritas as much as for what they could do today as for what they'll be able to do tomorrow," Dixon said. "I didn't want to be tied to an EMC or Hitachi solution."

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