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PANDUIT SFP+ Assemblies Provide A Low Power, Low Latency Interconnect

TINLEY PARK, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PANDUIT, a global leader in Unified Physical InfrastructureSM (UPI) management, enhances its portfolio of high speed data transport solutions to address the ever-increasing bandwidth requirements of advanced data center network applications. As virtualization, consolidation, and convergence initiatives continue to grow more pervasive, so do the demands placed on the physical infrastructure. To meet the needs for faster processing speeds, lower power server inter-connect and I/O consolidation deployments, PANDUIT introduces its 10GIG SFP+ Direct Attach Passive Copper Cable Assemblies.

PANDUIT's Unified Physical InfrastructureSM solutions enable convergence across computing, communication, control, power and security systems while improving availability, agility, and security. UPI-based data center solutions feature high speed data transport capabilities to connect server, storage, and network systems with unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability to minimize risks associated with convergence and consolidation.

This high speed data transport capability is ideal as server virtualization becomes more prevalent in data center environments. With multiple virtual machines, server I/O consolidation topology requires 10 Gb/s interconnects between servers and switches. By incorporating 10GIG SFP+ Direct Attach Passive Copper Cable Assemblies into the physical infrastructure, businesses can achieve 10 Gigabit performance port-to-port without additional signal processing or conversion. Thus providing a low power, low latency 10Gbps server interconnect option for top of rack switching architectures.

The PANDUIT 10GIG SFP+ Direct Attach Passive Copper Cable Assemblies are standards compliant, ensuring 10 Gb/s performance when mated to any SFF-8431 SFP+ enabled host port. Factory terminated connectors, incorporating patent pending internal design technology, provide superior signal integrity and excellent specification margins. Design flexibility is achieved with assembly lengths up to 7 meters incorporating small cable diameters. The robust latching/de-latching mechanism and excellent strain relief facilitate proper cable management, improved air flow and cooling, and ease of deployment.

"As many leading edge data centers move to a hybrid copper/fiber topology when deploying 10 Gigabit applications, the PANDUIT SFP+ 10GIG Cable Assemblies are a perfect choice to connect servers to top of rack access switches. The access layer is then uplinked to the aggregation and core switches with PANDUIT OPTI-CORE 10GIG OM3 fiber" says Steve Skiest, PANDUIT Product Development Manager. "This integrated high speed data transport system benefits latency sensitive enterprises such as financial services where a millisecond delay may affect business transactions."

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