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Packeteer Primes Protocols

Packeteer is adding protocol acceleration to its PacketShaper appliance, highlighting the growing range of features integrated in remote-office optimization gear. (See Packeteer Launches 8.0.) But the move, late for the market, may still not complete the list of features PacketShaper users would like to see in one product.

Until now, PacketShaper has supported quality of service (QOS) traffic shaping, bandwidth monitoring, and compression. Those features help relieve WAN traffic congestion but do not reduce long-distance latency for protocols originally designed for LANs, such as TCP.

But starting next month, Packeteer will offer two modules as part of the next release of PacketShaper's operating software: Xpress TCP to improve file transfers and Xpress HTTP acceleration for Web applications. The acceleration modules range from $250 for a 2-Mbit/s link to $10,000 for an OC-3 link.

Packeteer's TCP and HTTP acceleration come from its acquisition of Mentat in December of 2004. (See Packeteer Makes Mentat Purchase.) Packeteer has offered protocol acceleration in the SkyX Accelerator product from Mentat but has not had them in its core product until now.

Protocol acceleration is the latest "must have" for customers looking to optimize data transfer across remote-site links. The technique uses special coding to reduce latency -- the amount of bandwidth an application requires during round-trip data transfers between sites.

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