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Packeteer Gives Tacit Approval

The worlds of wide-area network (WAN) optimization and wide-area file sharing (WAFS) took a step closer today with a new partnership between Packeteer Inc. (Nasdaq: PKTR) and Tacit Networks Inc. (see Packeteer, Tacit Ally).

But users are still undecided about whether they want WAFS and WAN optimization to be joined at the hip.

A number of vendors are currently looking to combine the bandwidth-scrunching features of WAN optimizers with WAFS applications' ability to eliminate the chattiness characteristic of IP networks (see WAFS vs WAN Optimization: No Contest, Expand Wakes Up to WAFS, and Remote Site Rapprochement).

Network specialist Packeteer and WAFS vendor Tacit are now getting in on this act. Mike Morford, senior technologist at Packeteer, told NDCF that the deal involves the two firms reference selling each other's products, as well as offering joint support to users.

The goal here is to plug a gap between networking and storage for users, according to Tacit president Chuck Foley. We thought we were competitors [with Packeteer], but customers say, ‘There’s 10 pieces. You have four, the others have six -- you better play together.’ ”

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