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Pacific Title & Art Studio

As anybody who has recently paid $10.75 for a movie ticket knows, Hollywood is a big money industry.

While Julia Roberts gets the biggest piece of the pie, a good chunk also goes toward the storage systems needed to process digital images that create those epics.

Pacific Title and Art Studio Chief Technical Officer Andy Tran says his shop spent around $10 million on its storage infrastructure in the four years he's been there. Tran is always looking for the latest storage systems to keep up with the relentless advances in digital film technology. PacTitle does post-production work, creating trailers, credits, and subtitles and doing color correction for movie.

"I bleed a lot," says Tran, which is his way of saying he's often on the sharp, leading edge of technology.

Tran has spilled a lot of blood and Pac Title's money this year alone overhauling its SAN to keep up with his company's requirements. His latest upgrade was completed in June as the film industry moves from 2K to 4K resolution digital images. 4K images have around 4,000 vertical lines, and each frame is 4,096 pixels wide by 2,160 pixels high. With 24 frames per second, Tran says each movie could require 4 TBytes of storage.

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