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Outsource Hardware Monitoring

1-GHz Intel processor and 1 GB of RAM, and runs Windows 2000
Server. Datacenter keeps a VPN and PPP active to the device for monitoring and remote administration and to perform software upgrades.

SilverBack's Interface

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Unfortunately, after a planned power outage, the device couldn't
re-establish a VPN connection. SilverBack had to do so manually.

Whatcha Got There?

Device discovery can be accomplished by adding individual or a range of devices, or loading a comma-delimited host file with IP address, subnet mask and read community strings. Datacenter then does an initial scan using ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) pings. If a device is found, Datacenter will initiate a SNMP query in to capture the system OID (Object Identifier).

I decided to discover our entire subnet and later add individual devices. Because SilverBack charges users on a per-asset basis, applications on servers are not identified and populated within Datacenter's app section, so they must be added manually. The initial discovery took 10 minutes and identified all devices running in our subnet. Datacenter does not include a scheduled rediscovery of discovered assets.

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