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OSI Selects DataCore

MUNICH -- DataCore Software, the leading provider of hardware independent, storage virtualization SAN solutions, today announced that OSI International Foods GmbH, a large manufacturer of convenience food and major supplier for McDonalds, Kraft, Tesco, Metro and Hard Rock Cafe, has chosen DataCores SANmelody™ disk server software for its European IT headquarters located in Germany. DataCore’s partner, KUMAtronik has implemented the SME solution to increase performance and optimize storage capacity utilization for OSI’s business critical ERP systems. Following this successful implementation, the company has recommended installation of SANmelody for storage projects across OSI’s subsidiaries worldwide.

OSI International Foods GmbH, located in Günzburg, Germany, provides the central IT services for the 17 European subsidiaries within the OSI Group. In addition, the IT department develops IT strategies, solutions and recommendations for the subsidiaries worldwide, which are typically mid-sized companies with 20–150 employees, which are without dedicated IT staff. The company views the administration and further development of the centrally provided ERP system, Navision, with its SQL databases as one of its most critical systems.

After consultation with their advising partner, KUMAtronik, OSI decided to implement a storage solution based on DataCore’s SANmelody solution. The virtualization software is ideal for medium-sized businesses that require storage with high availability, reliability and performance at a reasonable price point. “To overcome the issue of not having dedicated IT stuff at many production locations, we have to select systems which are easy to administer,” says Robert Ondrus, IT director, OSI International Foods GmbH. “This dynamic and centrally managed storage solution not only solved our immediate capacity problem, but it has well prepared us for future requirements. Also, in terms of price-performance – backed by enterprise functionality – this solution is undoubtedly the right choice for us.”

Today’s Special: Thin Provisioning

A significant reason behind OSI’s decision to select DataCore was SANmelody’s integrated technology for synchronous mirroring, auto-failover and thin provisioning – enabling OSI to optimize disk capacity utilization. In addition, DataCore’s intelligent caching technology showed immediate performance improvement in terms of the ERP system at OSI.

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