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Oregon Data Centers Weather the Storm

If you think that you have got problems dealing with the day-to-day hassles of running a data center, then spare a thought for IT managers in the Pacific Northwest who have had to contend with floods and vicious storms over the last few days.

With a state of emergency declared in Oregon and Washington, IT managers have had to concentrate on getting core infrastructure up and running again. "Two nights ago the winds were so bad that the power companies were not even dispatching their people," explained Mark Reyer, data center administrator for the State of Oregon, during an interview with Byte and Switch last night.

With many coastal communities in the western parts of the state wrecked by floods and wind damage, Reyer said that the first priority was to get basic utilities in place. "We have got to get the power going in these communities before we address network issues," he explained.

Although Reyer's own data center in Salem, Ore., about 40 miles from Portland, was unscathed by the recent freak weather, the official said that he is working on getting outlying communities linked up to the state's IT infrastructure again.

"The issues for us are the small towns along the coast that may have a DMV office that doesn't have any connectivity," he said, explaining that he is working closely with the state's emergency teams to rectify this problem. "We have some satellite communications that we dispatch out for voice and IP connectivity back to the data center."

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